Tired of the usual gifts? Gives a different day to your friends, your partner or to people you care: buy our gift vouchers that will customize to your liking.

The gift vouchers can be packed up to an unlimited number of visits in a year.

Our slow tours will be chosen from those who receive the gift, visiting our website periodically www.romaslowtour.com

The recipient will receive by mail the voucher of Rome Slow Tour as a gift from you, or we will send it to you and you can print out and deliver it personally.

How to buy

You can buy all vouchers that you like according to your needs.

You decide the amount you want to spend and buy gift voucher/s through our form.

After payment, we will contact you via email to get the information to customize the gift voucher. Add, if you like, your personal message.

How does the voucher

Booking and participation. The person who receives the gift voucher has to contact us and to book exclusively at our email address or our phone number indicating the serial number of coupons, name, phone, email. Reservations are always required and confirmation is subject to availability.

What does the voucher. The voucher can be used for several visits or by several people up to the credit and within the validity date (12 months from the date of purchase). The voucher only covers the costs of the tour; and not entrance fees or booking supplements.