Duration 4 hours

Includes Guide, map, shopper bag

Departure Monday and Thursday at 9.30 am

Languages English, Spanish

Starting point Metro A San Giovanni

Booking ended

The slow tour is the perfect way to discover the real Rome and to get an insider’s perspective seeing and experiencing everyday life.
We avoid traditional and crowdy touristic routes: we’ll see some main tourist attractions, but we’ll explore beyond their fake façade. We prefer walk along hidden as amazing places, which reveal the real atmosphere of Rome. We offer a unique look into the Eternal City that most tourists would not likely experience on their own.
We don’t tell you a list of names and dates that you’ll forget the day after, but, through fun facts and engaging conversations, we delve into Rome’s glorious past, examine current issues and discuss about future challenges.
We will take the time to make sure you see a bunch of cool stuff while having time to chill out and enjoy the Italian way of life.

What you will see

  • Early Christian churches
  • Colosseum
  • Rione Monti